Internet Banking

We all lead busy lives and State National knows that "bankers' hours" just don't cut it. As the recognized bank technology leader in our region, State National is proud to offer a complete internet banking product with robust features such as viewing your checks and statements online, to paying bills and handling your company payroll.

XpressNet Business Banking

We understand how important it is to support our local businesses because we're owned and operated from right here in Big Spring. We provide a wide variety of Business Banking Services online to grow and support our professional clients.

XpressNet Business Banking offers all the features of Personal Internet Banking plus:

  • Adminstrative control to add users, determine access levels, provide dual control
  • Multiple business setup
  • Origination for payroll, drafts
  • Make State and Federal tax payments
  • Control transaction and batch limits
  • Cash concentration and disbursements
  • Send wire transfers, both one-time & recurring, and view incoming wires
  • Spreadsheet downloads
  • Risk management monitoring and reporting